Welcome to the Vistoso Secret Blog!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Welcome to the Vistoso Secret Blog!

I'm fairly new to the design world, but I've found a lot of joy, passion, and peace in it. I'm new to blogging, but I hope that I can provide some interesting content here.

I suppose I should start by explaining why this blog exists...

While getting my degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts, I've purchased textbooks and read them cover-to-cover. I found it a great way to learn. That said, most people do not have time or energy to do the same, and software is ever-changing.

One thing that I appreciate and look forward to is that design tools are always changing, improving, and becoming more accessible.

There's SO much going on in the technology world, and that's not changing any time soon. I want to be able to help small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate some of the tools available to them that help them build their brand and business.

I'll be focused on general design principles, things I've learned along the way, and ways to make some free tools easier to use. I know that small businesses don't have the cash to throw at an in-house graphic designer and that FREE options are usually going to be the first choice.

As a designer, I love that there are free tools available for you to use! And I want to help you use them.

For example, Canva is incredibly useful for making social media posts and can even be a great place to start for a logo. In fact, I prefer this platform for my own social media posts. But it has some "quirks" that folks might need help with.

Further, Adobe has a ton of free help online for those who know where to look. I use their color wheel tool as well as their user-shared color palettes. In fact, my personal brand color palette was pulled from swatches that you can browse here.

For your website, there are endless changes you could make even if you're hosting with Squarespace, WordPress, and others. Every web page uses HTML to function and HTML is highly customizable. I'll have some tips on how you can do it, even with zero coding knowledge.

I love to learn as well as teach. My mother was a teacher and she made it a point to instill within me that the best way to test your knowledge is to teach. So, I'll be doing my best to become a better note-taker so that I can pass along all of my "ah-ha!" and give away all my secrets here in the Secret Blog.

Truth is, I just want to empower people to make beautiful designs cheap. If you need to get your business online, off the ground, or just need an update, I'm here to help! When you need a logo or branding package that will stand the test of time, you know where to find me.