Case Study: Prism Consulting VA, LLC

Case Study: Prism Consulting VA, LLC

Rebranding My Earliest Work


In this case study, I'll be going over the design and implementation of a branding and web design client that I have worked with for years. In fact, Prism's logo was the first that I ever designed.

(Stick around to the end to see how it all started!)

The purpose of this case study is to explain the problems that were solved in the design process for this business. I'll show the decision-making process involved in setting up Prism Consulting VA with a branding package and website that achieve all of the client's goals while presenting an attractive package that reaches the target market.

Problem Statement

Most business consulting companies, especially those that specialize in HR and/or accounting & bookkeeping, are stuffy. They seem desperate to show potential clients how serious they are, putting a heavier focus on suit-and-tie dress codes than being a knowledgeable and friendly resource. Prism Consulting isn't interested in that.

Prism Consulting VA's stated goal is as follows: to help small business owners grow and develop by providing the tools and training necessary to succeed and developing lasting partnerships with clients with a commitment to education and growth.

The main goals for this branding & web design project was to help the client connect with her audience better, stand out from her competitors, and improve her overall web presence.

Research & Discovery

It doesn't take much research to find truth in the problem the client identified. When visiting the websites of Prism's top competitors, we were met with tons of corporate stock imagery and a pervasive "stuffy" feeling.

One of the problems that Prism Consulting VA seeks to solve is that not all small business owners are "business" types. There are plenty of dreamers and hard workers out there who chose their entrepreneurial path precisely because they weren't interested in the corporate lifestyle. Those people are really great at what they do, but they are probably not great at tax preparation, or employee training & retention, or maintaining tight books that help them plan for the future of their business.

Prism's typical clients are outside-the-box thinkers. They tend to be people who are passionate, hardworking, and stand out in their field of work. Knowing this about the target market, it was important to represent those values in the visual identity of Prism Consulting going forward.

Design Concept

When developing the design concept, we knew that both logomark and logotype would be important and that every piece of the logo needs to be communicative. We were seeking to communicate strength, hard work, and a "full-spectrum" approach to business consulting.

The Logomark

We chose a hexagon shape for the logomark that is split into sections, each with its own color, to reinforce the Prism name. Hexagons are one of the strongest polygonal shapes found in nature and generally communicate strength and hard work. Viewers tend to associate this shape with worker bees, which reinforces part of the brand message. By splitting the hexagon into several triangles, the shape begins to represent a prism that is refracting light into various wavelengths. This effect helps to communicate the "full spectrum" of services available with Prism Consulting VA.

The analogous colors that cover a range from blue to purple shades communicate trustworthiness, passion, and balance, further reinforcing the brand message.

The Logotype

The typography for this branding package is comprised of an interesting and unique font pairing: New Spirit and Franklin Gothic URW.

New Spirit, developed by Miles Newlyn & Roccardo Olocco, is a serif font that features a dreamy, bubbly appearance that is still highly readable. This font, used for headers, commands attention and represents the unique approach that Prism Consulting takes toward business consulting.

The secondary font, used for body text, forms, and pretty much everything else, is a true classic in the business world: Franklin Gothic. This font just happened to be a favorite of the client, and it pairs well with the primary font.

This pairing describes the balance between "bubbly, optimistic, & fun" and "serious business" that Prism Consulting strikes so well and seeks to communicate to their audience.

Design Execution

After developing a strong logo to represent the business, we got to work developing a stationery package for print materials for the client. She commissioned our services for a business card redesign and a website refresh.

Throughout the design project, we sought to keep things as bright and unique as possible, helping the client to stand out against her peers. There is no "stuffy" here. Thankfully, her whole vibe helps to reinforce this message. She lives what she preaches.

The Business Card

A great business card is critical for any small business owner. This design incorporates all of the relevant information that Prism Consulting VA sought to convey to potential clients.

In this design, we wanted to further the prism concept that was employed in the logomark. Surrounding the critical info is a kaleidoscope-esque design that makes the logo pop and gathers visual interest.

Beyond that, the primary focus was to keep things balanced throughout to reinforce the branding. There were a lot of available services to include in the design, so we found the optimal way to balance out the typography to ensure that each of the bulleted points was easy to read, properly spaced, and maintained harmony within the design.

The Website

The primary goal of this website design was to stand out. It's not my position to call out the competition here, but let's just say mission accomplished here.

We focused on putting the brand colors front-and-center whenever possible. These colors just work really well for the business, and applying gradients with them does a great job of communicating on behalf of Prism Consulting. This business is about grassroots. It's about helping the little guy. It's about standing confidently in who you are and where you fit into the world.

To accomplish this, we kept the design bright, simple, and comprehensive. Visitors to this website are met with bright colors, friendly faces, strong messaging, and a hyper-simple interface.

The most important pages for visitors to find, in the client's mind, are the available services and appointment booking. We added a "Book an Appointment" button to the navigation bar, visible on every page, to beckon visitors to take that step and schedule a Vibe Check.

Services are featured throughout, with several buttons on the home page linking to the service pages.

Results & Outcomes

Metrics for Success

The primary goal of this branding project was to bring Prism Consulting's visual communication skills up to the level of service they provide. We believe that we have accomplished this with this branding package and website refresh.

Before & Afters

Landing Page:




Warning: It's About to Get a Little Sappy in Here...

This project truly makes my soul happy for a few reasons.

Prism Consulting VA was my first client because, full disclosure, my wife owns the business. The first logo that I ever designed was for Prism Consulting. Back when PCVA was just a dream in the mind of the most competent person I know, I was in Canva trying to slap together something that would pass as a logo.

In this desperate attempt to help my wife accomplish her dreams, I found a dream of my own. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity she gave me. Her belief in me fueled me to get back into school, get formal training, and graduate at the top of my class.

We've both come so far since this project began, each of us now working full-time as business owners, chasing dreams, and serving our community with our skills. Although the work that you see here took place only over the course of a couple of months, it is the culmination of years of hard work on both of our parts.

This will always be my favorite project.

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And, as promised, here are some of my earliest attempts at Prism Consulting's branding:

(the original Canva "logo")

Second attempt, when I was learning Adobe Illustrator

This was in use until I started the rebrand in 2022.

If you've made it so far, thanks so much for reading. You're the best ❤️